Thursday, September 20, 2007

Better late than never

Look, I'm really busy with work so I'm throwing you a meme bone. That's right, you read correctly, I'm hard at work on the first day of Rosh Hashanna and I'm thinking about rock bands. There's all kinds of psychology there if you look.

Here's how it works: Copy this list, leave in the bands you've seen perform live, delete the ones you haven't, and add new ones that you have seen until you reach 25. An asterisk means the previous person had it on their list. Two asterisks means the last two people who did this before you had that band on their list.

1. Genesis
2. Cinderella
3. Beastie Boys-Tibetan Freedom Concert
4. Dark Star Orchestra
5. Red Sox make sweet music against the O's this year, night I went
6. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers** not enough times
7. Poison** every year
8. Dave Matthews Band** too many times
9. Jimmy Buffett
10. Aerosmith**
11. Pearl Jam**
12. Roger Waters**
13. Queen**
14. Tribe Called Quest Tibetan Freedom Concert
15. Bob Dylan**
16. The Black Crowes**
17. Counting Crows** Tibetan Freedom Concert
18. Fuck the Yankees
19. Phish** include the show in NJ before they retired
20. Liz Phair** Great Acoustic Set in Va.
21. The Grateful Dead**
22. The Allman Brothers Band** Might have seen for the last time...then again, how many times have I said that? ;)
23. My poor Bosox
24. Cracker** Tibetan Freedom Concert
25. The Rolling Stones**

HA! Did it!

Now you go


honeykbee said...

I've never heard of the band "Fuck the Yankees". Are they local?

carrie m said...

they must be local, and Duke Sucks opens up for them.

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