Thursday, September 20, 2007

Charged for the weekend

First and foremost, I have a new poll section to the blog. You'll find it on the top right corner. *I'm still working on the formatting of it* Please participate.

As I prepare to set off on my morning ride, my first in about 11 days (since the Annapolis Tri), I prepare for what charges I will make on my ride and the strategy and mindset I'd like to go into the ride with. So here is what I'll most-likely be thinking about

This morning I get to go for a few hour bike ride!! (Sorry to Kmax, for he and I never hooked up to ride yesterday) This is in prep for my hours and hours of drinking that will occur over the weekend. -If you can't tell by the picture above, I'm going to WVU for the game and college-buddies weekend!! woo!!

What's your weekend plans?


honeykbee said...

I voted but it said "cannot process request". Does that mean the whipped cream fight was an incorrect answer?

lizzie said...

oooh...the big game against ECU, huh? well, i'm sure the mountaineers will do much better than the hokies did against ECU. although...the pirates do have a decent O-line.

have fun this weekend! i'll be at the bar all day on saturday, soaking in all the games.

haveyouseenlucky said...

Friday - BBQ - BYOBB
Saturday - Schoolwork all day
Sunday - Soccer in the morning, Football in the evening.

I wont be leaving the apartment.

KMAX said...

House/yard work??? Somethings might be wrong here.

So did you get arrested after the game or something rioting over the win?

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