Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You be the Judge

Please help me but telling me whether, not if he deserved it, but if this is lawful and within societal conduct. Either side, the security or the students actions. Both need to be objectified.

Now, was he wrong or was society (the security) justified?

You be the judge. Please post answer in the comments. I've Gotta know what YOU think!



Deatoni said...

Ive seen a couple of different video on this, and they show a few minutes of him "asking" Kerry questions. He wasn't even waiting for Kerry to respond. He just ranted. Dude was totally looking to be a dick and trying to provoke a reaction like security escorting him out. That part i get (though, im hoping they at least warned him verbally once to cut the shit).

Now at the point where they've got him down, and cuffed, thats where they really should've stopped. The tasering was completely over the line. Hes subdued and didnt imply he had a weapon so he was no threat to them at that point.

Sad part? I cant stop laughing because he looks and talks like Dane Cook.

KMAX said...

I kind of agree with deatoni on this one. Ever account of someone I've seen getting tasered looked completely unnecessary. I guess police feel they can use it to make people relax since they're not deadly. Either way though it seems unnecessary. The guy was definitely just up there to be a dick though.

lizzie said...

i've read many accounts of the incident but this is the first video i saw.

i cringed every time the kid yelled, 'help,' especially since no one did anything to help him. granted he seemed to be acting like a punk at the beginning.

but the tasering was totally and completely over the line. it wasn't even necessary at that point. the kid was already pinned to the ground!

a similar incident happened at UCLA last year:

honeykbee said...

I'm totally for the tasering of all lippy frat boys. In fact, I don't think there's nearly enough taking place.

Scott said...

hehe bzzzzz i coulda used a tazer in college. Good way to subdue the frat boys. ::bzzzz:: you know you want it ::bzzzz:: how about now? ::bzzzz:: you sure? ::bzzzz::

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