Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rescue Me from Chaos

Watching Rescue Me tonight, the opening scene reminded me of my pictures in front of the 'couch-fire' and my desire to become a Firefighter.

Reminds me of how poorly I handle day-to-day life but in times of heroic necessity, I'll be the first to jump across 20-story breaks to save a total stranger.

Too bad life is chopped full of the monotony that is offered to the masses.

Even within the constraints that we as humans try to put on ourselves by inventing "a lot of versatile solutions for modern living", what we truly crave is Chaos.
Most people aren't content with what they have. Desiring more.
More stuff.
More power.
More ability.
More More MORE.

That can only bring on conflict, negativity, hostility, anger, hatred, chaos.

No matter how controlled, these confined situations may be, they are self-inflicted by human For example, people aren't happy with their jobs, their car, their hair. Tiny things but wars have started over stupid little things 5 cents on the price of gas.

I'm gonna stay away from the political as that's not what I'm trying to say, but more over, I'm focusing on the human nature of their behavior and saying that sadly, as much as we 'want peace', no we don't....if you think about it and remain honest to yourself. hot would it be if I were a fireman btw?
Ha. I just got I need more/better sleep.


Carrie M said...

nice post. very true.

Ashburnite said...

great post.

and I love Rescue Me! Best show ever.

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