Friday, August 03, 2007

California Tortilla talks to us!!

Hello My Little Burrito Elito --

As I write this I'm in a "rustic" cabin in Cape Cod. My head is touching the ceiling and I'm sitting down. So much for being a pampered pregnant woman.

On that note, enjoy your August Taco Talk. There's big, big scoop in there.

Pam aka Lady on the Cup

P.S. Check out our Grand Opening Free Burrito Days:
Ranson, West Virginia: Thursday, August 9th
Reston, VA: HOPEFULLY Tuesday, August 14th (Please call them first!)

For all the Grand Opening scoop, go to:

Taco Talk
August 2007

After much scientific study and analysis by the California Tortilla World HQ, it’s been determined on the office abacus that we’ll serve our 5 millionth burrito (yes, 5 millionth!) sometime on Wednesday, August 15th. And to celebrate that milestone, we’ll be giving everyone who orders an entrée that day at every California Tortilla a free burrito coupon for a future visit. Plus, we’ll give the first 100 people to purchase an entrée at every California Tortilla (can you tell we want you to buy those entrees?) a FREE commemorative t-shirt. I LOVE these t-shirts. They’re simple, yet oh so California Tortilla. I don’t even know why I love them so much, I just do. (Please one t-shirt per person present. They’re so exciting that we want to make sure we share the love with everyone in the restaurant.)

So come on by August 15th and be part of the hoopla! And get here early – you don’t want to miss out on our fabulous t-shirt extravaganza.

California Tortilla will be 12 years old on August 4th. And because we didn’t open a second Cal Tort for 5 years (due to the fact that we’re lazy), and it took us another 3 years to open the third Cal Tort, it’s even more amazing to me that we’ve sold 5 million burritos in such a short time. (We’ve got 27 stores. Were you afraid for a minute that I was going to go through the entire timeline?)

Anyway, it got me thinking that we’ve had an awful lot of different people eat our burritos over the past 12 years. And while I’d love to list all of you (because it would take up space) I quickly realized that if you’re anything like me, you really only care about the famous people who’ve eaten here. (I actually care very much about each and every one of you, I’d just care that much more if you were a celebrity. That’s charming, isn’t it?)

In any event, here’s a condensed version of the more famous California Tortilla Eaters in no particular order:

· David Spade: He had a Honey Lime Burrito and said it was the best burrito he’s ever eaten. And we know he must be right because he’s rich and we’re not.

· Bush Twins, Jenna and Barbara: They had two Low-Carb Hickory Chicken Burrito Bowls, a large chips and salsa and a cup of ice. (Apparently there’s a shortage of ice at the White House.)

· Terps Coach, Gary Williams: He eats here all the time and pretends he’s not famous. We jump up and down and cause a scene when he arrives. I’m sure he enjoys that.

· President Clinton: After seeing a White House employee eating our food he said, “That’s one honkin’ burrito.” I don’t even know what that means, but I like anyone who uses “honkin’” as an adjective.

· NY Times Best Selling Author, Brad Meltzer: Brad, who’s on the NY Times Best Seller’s list every couple of minutes, was one of our favorite customers before he moved to a town where there were fewer little people. He estimates that in the past 12 years his Bonus Burrito card has saved him over $200,000.

· Ray Romano: He came in just after the pilot of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” He snacked on a Crunchy BBQ Ranch and a #1 Combo and loved it. I lectured him on saving his money for the future. He never came back.

Near Misses:

· Nicole Kidman: She and her forehead (it’s a separate entity), used the bathroom at the Cleveland Park California Tortilla.

· Chelsea Clinton: She and a friend looked at a menu we had posted outside and decided that it wasn’t as honkin’ as her dad thought it was.

· The Queen of England: In May she was just a few miles from our Williamsburg Cal Tort.

So there you have it folks, the famous people of Cal Tort. If you know anyone newsworthy who’s eaten at California Tortilla, please let me know. I’d love to hear about it. And possibly harass them.

Only one month to go. Yee-ha! And apparently, unlike the Panda at the zoo, who the zookeepers couldn’t tell was pregnant (what’s up with that?), people definitely know I’m pregnant. I actually had a man come up to me the other day and say, “Wow! You’re one large woman!” When is that ever appropriate? (His wife very quickly and nicely chimed in, “He means you look beautiful.” Really? That's one tough code to crack.)

In any event, you have no idea how excited I am that September 9th is almost here. Please think good thoughts for me and my large-ness.


If you’re caught eating a burrito in a lightning storm, immediately
remove the wrapper and lie in a ditch.

Are you going to be so happy when I stop talking about my children? I'm like Kathie Lee Gifford without the good hair. I swear I'm going to stop talking about them very soon. I just had to mention that Jackaroo will be 2 on August 6th and I wanted to wish him Happy Birthday in print. I only have a few years left to do this before I mortify him.


Innocent Jack, relaxing, at 3 months. Devious Jack, today.

3rd Quarter Specials

1. FISH TACOS! For $6.79 this darn tasty special comes with:
2 Fish Tacos
2 tortillas stuffed with blackened grouper, chipotle sour cream,
crisp cabbage cole slaw, cilantro and a lime wedge
Fresh Chips and Salsa
A Refreshing Soda

* Fish tacos available a la carte for $2.50 each.

For $7.99 this darn tasty special
comes with:
Pesto Chicken Burrito
Grilled marinated chicken, Mexican rice, pesto sauce, roma tomatoes and lettuce. MMM!
Fresh Chips and Salsa
A Refreshing Soda

* Chicken Pesto Burrito available a la carte for $6.29 each.


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rex said...

yesss!!!! i love cal tor! best burritos in the area! free burritos on august 15???? i'm so there!!!!

Sean said...

I'm so excited for the opening of the Reston location. Now I can have Cal Tort near where I work AND live!

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