Saturday, August 04, 2007

Amazing what change will bring about

So Here's the Deal: (heh)

I'm training for a triathlon. This isn't news.

I was still up this morning from a late (early) round of successful poker playing and decided to go for a swim. Came back here, got my wetsuit, swam 2000 meters. no problem. Could have gone further actually but decided I was tired enough and was going to get a second workout in later.

Well later came a few minutes ago.

I ran around and did stuff today. Nothing exciting, believe me. Office depot has no stories, and came home. Napped for a few hours after answering some email and playing some chess.

Woke up, cleaned some stuff and at 1am, I got around to feeling motivated to hitting the bike.

Figured a quick 20 miles in about an hour 30 would work. Empty gym, me on the bike. Nothing could go wrong right? No.

After 6 years of living in this stupid place, the management has taken upon itself to actually following the rules they set up in terms of the gym hours. 5am - 12am daily.

Stupid rule if ya ask me because who the hell is going to go to the gym after 12am to do anything but workout? Well, I guess a stupid rule now has a stupid question attached. The answer is: stupid people that would actually steal dumbbells (20 lb weights were stolen the first week the gym was open. Nice place to live huh?).

So anyway, I stride back here and lucky me, in the 4 minutes I was outside, I have a nice sized bugbite on my left calf. Just enough to annoy me but whatever. Minor compared to the frustration over not being able to train when I want.

I mean, it woulda been fine as those are the 'rules' but after years of not enforcing it and not having a problem throughout those years, why now? And why leave ALL the lights on in the gym if it's closed?

Another bastard f'n fact brought to you by the people of the Avalon Corporation. I liked em when they didn't give a shit.

Well, so much for my two-a-day workouts.

Going to work my abs now. but that doesn't really count in my book.
Maybe I'll be up for a 5am then sleep.

--end rant

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lizzie said...

how successful was the poker game? i need to size up my future competition! :)

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