Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Been Busy. Reminaing Busy.

Gotta love the summer. It keeps me away

Finally taking a break from life to write a short update and watch the Home Run Derby. So here goes:

Completed my first openwater swim about a month ago. Got back in the water last week.
Left ankle still f'd.
Signed up for Annapolis Tri and started seriously training today. Felt like I was gonna throw up.
Didn't stretch.

Left nostril inflamed. Not the first time and don't really know what that's about but when I get back to 'real' work, then my health insurance will be seeing my name on a bunch of documents.

Wasn't doing much for a few weeks after school ended. Looked for jobs, found next to nothing so my resume barely left the printer.
Privately painted and did other homely stuff for some cash. Paid the rent.
Meanwhile, now I teach Korean kids in Virginia -sigh- Good money though and gives me something to do.

Gotta get more rest.

- Just got back from Astroland, NY.
- Saw the Cyclones in Single A ball. Nice stadium
- Ate Nathan's
- Saw a few of my best friends.
- Love to visit Brooklyn.....very certain parts of it.
- Broadway show at Studio 54!
- Result of visiting NY: Need to work out much harder

HAPPY 4th:

The pictures above are really just one but flipped.
- Had a lot of Tequilla
- Got stuck in the Hail storm while fixing 1/3 of the food we had to cook.
- Couldn't get on roof but still saw 3 firework shows from the 24th floor.
Lots of other stuff actually. Too tired.

I'll have to put together a photo-post as I've been busy going through tons of pictures too. Ok. ttyl

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honeykbee said...

GREAT shots! Seriously!

maybe you do need a gimundo camera... Hm...

thanks for the updates, and for a great time in CI!

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