Monday, July 02, 2007

I went in for a Hair Straightener and came out with a Dildo

From Amazon, comes a sale that can be refused by no woman or man alike and there are so many to choose from. Here were my personal top 3 favorites:

1. - Ballsy Super Dong 6-Inch White

When this looked up right at me, I was searching our friend Google for a picture of "I love vaginas" (and coming up with some great items).
All of the sudden,this little nugget of goofy was set on my desk(top) so I ran with it and here we are.
The real story is below in our Home Section:

2. -
Pure White Pleasure Dildo

and check out these Product Features

  • 7.5 inch of pure fun.
  • 7.5" of pure sensuality.
  • 7.5" of pure pleasure
  • The purity of white.
Something struck me about this one and you should know I don't have a 'true' problem with this ad. Now while I'm not racist and not against celebrating your own race but upon my first being read this ad, it struck me the wrong way. First it made me laugh out loud, soon to be replaced with a feeling of unease and finally resting on disgust.

Are they saying that other dildos are with the 'high power' of Hitler? The fuck does "The purity of white" mean, really?

Ridiculous thought to go through my head I know, but if we're all for sheltering our children from every other God damn thing in the world, should these be available in such a public place as Amazon?

At least the others haven't completely taken over. Enjoy what freedoms we have left people. Drink in the streets.

3. - Ballsy Super Cock Dildo, 6 Inches
Another option brought to you for those whole like to go-at-it in the public pool, backyard bbq but need to stay quiet or riding an airplane and fearful of your fun being suspected of a bomb.

Each product is currently on sale for personal use.
and once bought, lemme use it however I want ok? If I wanna use it for a comedy show, orgy, public display of what-have-you...GO FOR IT!!

Remember that this Madman is a joker in a deck of aces and you'll know when I mean to hurt you. Til then: "Have a fun rest of the day and Be good to each other." as I tell students as they leave class. <--yes I miss teaching a bit....but not that much ;)

...and in case you're confused or think I'm confirming things you've always dreamed of, no I don't and have no desire to use any product in this category. Just to clear things up. Lol

End Rant


lizzie said...

if i'm in the market for a dildo, the last thing i would be looking for is purity.

i'm just saying. :)

Carrie M said...

excellent point, lizzie.

it's the official dildo for white extremists groups.

honeykbee said...

glolol @ "public display of what-have-you"!

Beakerz said...

glad people agree in my point of "white = purity" understatement =)

warms my cockles

Scott said...

well, one benefit of a white dildo would be the ability to tell if you've cleaned it well enough. Wouldn't want any streakage on the snow-white schlong.

Scott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dara said...

Ah Amazon, where you can buy sex toys and right wing Christian literature at the same time.

On an unrelated note, I just tagged you for a meme. Feel free to ignore.

honeykbee said...

Scott so fervently requires that his snow white schlongs be sanitary that he had to say it twice say it twice

Scott said...

K: IT must be clean...yes...IT MUST! and SOFT and SUPPLE!

It rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again....

DaGince said...

Has anyone even checked the site? There are only 2 left in stock!!!

Hurry Hurry Hurry!

And what a nice bit of savings you get on this special night time item, almost 14 dollars..(note if you say that last bit in a old world Jewish womans accent,its way funnier)

honeykbee said...

(note if you say that last bit in a old world Jewish womans accent,its way funnier)

as if I have a choice?

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