Friday, July 13, 2007

No, I don't love my new template

But the old one was kicking my butt.

Sorry to all the links I had up but I have to reapply y'all later. I obviously have a bunch to fix on this one, but the old one just wasn't working. I get into that later in this post. As for now......

Summer is great in the DC area. The rest of the year, not so much but I do love the summer here.
Luckily, the humidity hasn't been the Worst ever, though it's had its days of shitting on us. Today was one of those awesome days!

---Btw, the avator sorta looks like me only there is no real goatee function and I'd like to think I have a smile more, etc etc.
---The cool thing is, even though the t-shirt options are limited, this is sorta a reverse Howard Stern fist. Wooo!!

Sunny, not too humid, not too hot. Beautiful sunset (just watched it from the 24th floor) again. Man, do I ever love those sundown pictures. (my Flickr and Youtube have a few examples).

As for today, it's almost the close of the week and what a week it's been. Hell, what a few months it's been. Lots has gone on as I mentioned previously but let me continue:

- I watched my first 2007 WSOP (World Series of Poker) Tourney final table today. While the Main Event is still in the beginning stages, it was fun to watch this Irishman go from the brink of elimination (in 6th place making only $283,000) to win the tourney for over $700K!
What sucks is that ESPN cuts out like 5 of the 7 hours it takes these players to sweat to the end...And while I'm aware that people don't consider it a sport, it does help when you're training on the bike (inside the gym).
Yes, I still don't have a road bike which totally sucks! as today would have been more than the perfect day to travel from my job in Burke and head down to an long open stretch of road for a ride. -sigh- So I resigned myself to the indoor bike.

----If you're looking for a mountain bike, I'm fully selling one----
----If you're selling a road/Tri bike, lemme know!----

So now it's 9:30 and Le Tour de France is on TV. It really helped me with my ride on Monday (14 miles) but it was coming on as I was finishing today (10.40 miles). Swam Tuesday (1000 meters - long-pool) and yesterday off.
Now you're all caught up with my training so far. Oh my training. Well, if I didn't tell you, I'm competing in the Annapolis Triathlon in September.
This will be my first Triathlon since 2004 when I competed in my very first (Sprint) Triathlon. Then I got injured (Thanks Virginia. Could I hate you more?) and I got very unmotivated.

But I'm back! I won't say that I'm better than ever as my left ankle/foot has been a bother since before my training and almost talked me out of doing This Tri but F that! I'm working on my flexibility so that I don't blow out my Achilles but they aren't psyched with what I've decided to take on = an Olympic length Tri.

I'm psyched as hell and if I have to walk the 10K, I'm going to finish. I'm like Rocky when it comes to athletics and realize that while I'm not the best athlete in the group, I've got the heart that will drive me toward (my personal) victory!

Ok, enough of kissing my own ass but hey, it's my blog so F you ;)

I'm still loading pictures of last weekend and our travel to NY for the Cyclones game and a fun day at Astroland before it closes forever. I think I mentioned that I'll have to post a picture-catchup-post-thing.

So the obvious.....I've changed my background. Stupid fucking Blogger won't let me screw around my old template, though I have it saved and will try to bring it back bigger and better.

I'm so fucking pissed because I've been working for months to get it back to super and Blogger just won't budge so in order to add any links, which I've been desperate to do, I've had to give in. Sorry Delirium. I did my best and I'm just not gonna waste your time with my template any more. Especially since I've taken to working on my Triathlon Site (ha ha, ya thought I'd link it here right? pfftt).

So you won't see the site posted here as I'll be 'real' on that site and show lots of pictures of me and talk about my real life.

That's where I've been = working on the other site. Sorry to those that read here and haven't been updated with my real site. Email me or leave me a message if you're interested in the other site.

I'll still be updating here about non-sense-fun-stuff!! Don't worry, but it won't be as up-to-date as I used to be.

Meanwhile, I've been super busy with real life! It's Summer baby!

Fun in the Sun baby! Oh yea, Happy 7-11 yesterday. Of course I got my slurpee!

(Next couple posts will be 'tags' from BlahBlahBlog and ViewfromDupont)

TaTa for now

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