Thursday, June 28, 2007

When Ann meets Elizabeth

Ann can go to hell. This is the closest thing I'll get to political ever but crimaney.... SHUSH!!!

Elizabeth actually makes good points while Ann just wants to stir the pot. Negativity follows Ann like stink on Shit. Meanwhile, she should play with her hair more. Anxious much?

Ann has the right to say whatever she wants (without slanderous attacks) but most of the stuff I've ever heard her spew is just hate, as Mrs. Edwards points out.

I'm not a John Edwards supporter or anti-Edwards, just a guy who is sick of Ann being the Media Whore that she is. (Which I'm now furthering, ugh)

Ok. that rant over. Back to sleep everybody, it's Thursday and you'll need it for tonight's parting ;)


Ashburnite said...

Grrrrr....I loathe Ann Coulter. She's such a bia. I think Elizabeth showed a lot more class in that situation than I would have.

honeykbee said...

You guys rock! My new goal in life is to be a parting bia.

Scott said...

ashburnite: i agree.. i would kicked ms. cuntler right in the twat.

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