Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Almost broke and smoked a cig. Luckily, I didn't have any of my own or I would put the last 30 days into the past.

That's right. I'm still here and NOT smoking strong. I've fallen a bit off my training regime though. The dog days are here and since I lost my googles, I've really fallen down on my training.

Shit. Gotta get it back.....gotta get it back. Meanwhile, my left foot/ankle still haven't healed after....2 months? A long time, I know that.

Yea. Training isn't going well and I'm pretty emotional these days, but how are you?

***Another pic from this past weekend's BBQ***


KMAX said...

Glad to hear the streak is still alive, keep up the good work!

This has to be one of the hardest times of the year to get out and train. It's so hot and sticky outside all I want to do is sit inside in the AC and veg. You'll get the motivation back though, just remember your goal and why you want to do it.

Carrie M said...

you can doooo it!

or if you don't want to, let me know and we can go drink coffee and smoke.

bad carrie. baaad.

Ashburnite said...

wow...30 days. Congrats. I'm trying to quit as well. I'm down from a pack a day to about 4 or 5 cigs per day. Once I'm comfortable with that, I'll drop one more...and so on. It's torture tho.

Scott said...

well, every time you feel the need to light one up...just rub one out. Trust me, you'll feel much better about life. :)

haveyouseenlucky said...

Sorry to hear that you lost your googles. Googles of what exactly?

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