Friday, June 29, 2007

Finance is all the way...Happy Friday

I felt inspired to try and imitate what I was priviged to see from 2-3am. This are the times I treasure being such a night owl.

For a Fun Friday treat, I tried to find the hour long segment online for y'all but couldn't so this synopsys of what goes on with Easterns (and more links!) will hopefully get you psyched that Football is coming back. (Even if it's before the All-Star break during the Sox season, not to metion the rest of MLB)

Now, on with the show:

Let us begin with Brendan Haywood, whose only other highlight is the one you see below

Don't feel too bad for him. He's still a multi-millionaire.

Portis gets a little TOO into it.

Lavar, old 'sucked in NY so I went out and broken my leg in 3 places' Arrington still loves his boys at Easterns. Where off-sync lip syncing is Encouraged.

*Side note - Sorry you left Lavar. Sorry DC didn't use you correctly or rest you well-enough the first time. Sorry your career ended with having really, only one great season.

And then there's Mr. Ray Lewis. I'll bet he's not that sorry he hitched his horse to this wagon.
The only time I saw him was on today's 2am-3am broadcast 'show' of Eastern Motors, as they strung clips of these football players together with two whiteys who look to be the size of one of Ray Ray's legs.
He's an Inspiration to athletes that actually want it. To those that work a program that works, 100% of the time.

Sunday marks the beginning of my major training season and hopefully of a beautifully long relationship with Triathlon.
The foot and ankle aren't 100% but it's time to get back on that bike and ride and ride. Jump back in the pool and glide and glide.

32 days since I quit smoking. A hell of a lot more to go. and a lot more to talk about with relation to my working out.

One of these days I'll actually be gone to the training site. Lord knows when, unless I can ride with this on the exercise bike....hhmmm....


Carrie M said...

cracking up over Lavar's new middle name...sucker! I'm sorry, but he didn't give DC the proper respect either. It's a shame his career ended this way though.

When Lavar yells CUSTOMER cracks me up everytime.

honeykbee said...

Sure beats an hourlong Girls Gone Wild infomercial (or does it!?) though I was half expecting topless teens to jump out of the trunk of the Eastern Toys!

Poor Lavarington.

Joel said...

yo job's yo credit.

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