Saturday, June 09, 2007

Swim the Day away - 2 pics gone

Heading out to sea, today around (Saturday) around 3:00, but depends on my two clients cooperating with a 1:00pm session time (1 hour, 30 mins = $100)

Either way, we'll be back on Sunday sometime. I'm just psyched for sushi Sat. night. I'll let you know if it's as good as any place in the DC area.

Just got off the phone (1:18) looks like it's gonna be more of a 140 meet-up time. I'd put out heading out around 4ish then.

Hope everyone has a great day!

----Picture Removed----

Think Think Think

In addition....
While I spend the next few days resting up and recovering from the swim, I truly don't believe it'll be anything worse than my Tuesday workout (500 meters short of 2 miles, my furtherest day since Vegas).

I'll let ya know. Wish me luck.
*----Picture Removed
oh yea, and my newest goal: Olympic length before the end of 2007.

and the pics are gone as to preserve some aminimity as I continue my root into teaching. That was dumb of me. Anyway, some of you will know my newer blog when I get it up and running (hell, all 19 of you that read) and the rest will just come to love the new one as they run across it.

That won't be for a while, unless I don't find a job asap! Teaching is over on Friday...THIS friday!!



Carrie M said...

good luck!

Scott said...

that's hot

DaGince said...

"now if everyone is very quite we can see the elusive Brian in its natural habitat, normally open air swimming for the Brian is an anomaly that we here at the institute have yet to experience." Lets see how this Brian fairs in the open waters, notice how he is oblivious to the apparent dangers surrounding him...yet tests the water for optimal salinity. A very exciting day for us here! Tune in Sunday night for full coverage details."Cindy...back to you in the news room"

honeykbee said...

"Thanks, Bob, that was wildly interesting. So rare we get to see the elusive Brian in its natural habitat. Now, on to the weather. It will be unseasonably cold and rainy with scattered and rain showers and highs in the mid 50's this weekend, water temperatures will be plummeting --watch out for those sea needles! *hysterical laughter*"

honeykbee said...

meanwhile, congratulations honey =) You did GREAT!! And more importantly, you looked great! ;)

Know what I love best of all? How when you click on that 2nd picture you get the Full Redneck Effect. Scott was right, that's hot!!

honeykbee said...

Awww... I miss the hottie bear front pictures already! Oh well, will just have to stare at your rar....

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