Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It may sell, but I'm not on the rack

Yes yes, the BaySwim results and pictures are coming. Hell, they're being uploaded to my computer as I type....Anyway,

I've gotten into reading newer blogs from time to time just to spice things up and for the bloggers whose posts I've neglected, I apologize but I'm trying to switch things around in my world from time to time.

So I get to a MLB site that I now frequent maybe...once a week at best to find that the writer went to Fenway recently. Now, usually I'd just read, maybe comment and run away but this is no regular blogger:
This is important because while others love to splash their blogs with pictures of scantily clad chicks on the daily, I've stayed away from doing the such. Why is that, you ask? Well, I guess it's because if I wanna see porn, I'll go look at porn. I don't feel the need to put them here.

I don't know; maybe that's what people want. I mean, we all know that sex sells, so why shouldn't I market my blog with nudity or at least a little skin. At minimum, I could participate in Nakked Thursdays or NoUnderWearWednesdays (my own concocksion ;) Lord knows I am not afraid to let the world know I have no fear of sexuality as a topic and as a hobby.

I guess I've just decided this is a place to play, show stupid videos, make myself (hopefully others too) laugh and have fun without selling something and/or forcing sex down your throat. I'll leave that to TV commericals, 3 out of 4 sites visited by any male on the planet, and a few fellow bloggers.

**Meanwhile, eat your heart out. She's wearing a Sox t-shirt. Something I thought I'd never see. I guess money can buy everything ;)


Scott said...

"Sex is natural. Sex is fun"...

"Show us your pink bits!"

"Let's get it on"

"Trust me. Everyone is less mysterious than they think they are. "

Pop Cultured said...

RSN would never accept her in that...she is from Brooklyn and she is Dodger fan...

Texpundit said...

Dude...Alyssa Milano. Even fully clothed, she's porn. *unf*

haveyouseenlucky said...

I am painfully aware that sex sells, which is why you will find Mary Worth or Cathy pictured prominently on my blog every Tuesday.


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