Thursday, March 08, 2007

News of the Stupid: Don't Try this at home (followed by amazing video!)

Or anywhere else for that matter.

I couldn't believe what I saw as a headline, so I had to read the news story. Once I did, I knew I had to share it with all my readers.

Man: Suspected Pot Pipe Really 'My Bomb'

By Associated Press

SHAWANO, Wis. - Deputies got a surprise answer when they asked a man if an item in his bedroom was for smoking marijuana, a criminal complaint says. "That's not a dope pipe, it's my bomb," Eugene Hansen told them, according to the complaint filed in Shawano County Circuit Court.

Hansen, 48, of Wittenberg, could face up to six years in prison and a $10,000 fine on a felony charge of possessing improvised explosives. He also faces a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

The complaint said sheriff's deputies responding to a complaint March 1 were told Hansen was intoxicated and was causing a disturbance.

When they questioned him in his bedroom, they saw several electronic items, pipe fittings and wiring, as well as the suspected marijuana pipe, the complaint said, and Hansen told them he uses bombs to blow up toilet paper rolls.

Sheriff's investigator Randy Giese said a search found bomb-making components but no actual explosive materials that could have led to more serious charges.

"He had the basics of a bomb, things that could be used in bomb-making," Giese said.

Hansen is due back in court March 19.


honeykbee said...

Tout alors! That dude makes my little "doy doy doy" thing I do look like romper room!

And that other guy? What's to say besides he's, well, the bomb

haveyouseenlucky said...

What is so hard for criminals to understand about the 'right to remain silent'? Especially in your home. Every time I ever watch COPS I find myself yelling at the TV "Stop talking to them you fools!"

honeykbee said...

Really? I find myself screaming "put on some clothing!!"

haveyouseenlucky said...

You're crazy. That show wouldn't be half as entertaining if all the men were wearing shirts.

Pagan Marbury said...

That's a stupid way to avoid a drug bust.

Hey, I responded to your comment on my ShamrockFest post:

"You should totally go. My recommendations will fill up your whole afternoon, but I'm sure the other bands are first rate as well. I'm definitely going to check out some of the acts that are new to me. I love discovering a new band to follow. And don't forget DJ AM.

It will give you something fun to blog about, too."

I hope you go. I'll be the drunk one on the front row.

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