Friday, March 09, 2007

Final Update from ESPN about WVU

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Please visit ESPN and root on my Mountaineers for at least a second.

LET'S GO..............

Start of second half: 10:04

Louisville 44 - WVU 43

16-0 Run!!!

----54 - 54

16.8 seconds left

WVU ball ---time out

PPLLLEEAAASSEEE!!! SHIT!!!! We let them walk right in! Overtime!

Stay on ESPN

Coming back from down 17 at the half, we're in overtime! Not too shabby ;)

Here we go.


With 12.4 seconds left, Louisville has two players fouled out. Top two guards =) But it was the defense that stopped them in those 12.4 seconds, to send us to Double Overtime.
This is after Louisville came in fresh and WVU played last night.

Ok, here we go 9:21pm 5 minutes on the clock tied at 66.
The Final Installment

Double overtime proved to be too much for the Mountaineers. After not playing fresh but working against a tough and rested Louisville, WVU did their best against the 15th ranked team but could not come up with a W.

They're legs just gave out and you could see it right from the start of the double OT.

So now it's a waiting game to see if we make it to the Big Dance. Good Luck Mountaineers!


props to Louisville's Padgett. Great all around player. Gotta give it to him.


honeykbee said...

Let's goooooo....

Dara said...

I feel your pain, since my team is currently down by 10 to Carolina at the half.

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