Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Links Links and More Links

So lots of fun links for those that are bored......

For those that don't follow sports (or the Jets) there are movers and shakers making deals all over the place.....even This one. I didn't understand

Are you an 80's type-a-baby? Even if born in 70's, possible 60s.....This link is for you

If you missed the Eclipse the other day,......

God forbid the Govn't allowed for Freedom, even in business. Let Sirixium Ring!

But if it doesn't go through right now, don't wet your pants. It'll happen.

If they're illegal, why do countries continue to allow them to stay?

Ok. So I won't clog up my site with putting on this YouTube production, but please go see it. Then come back here of course ;) I have a little game for ya.

So, the game. In my final link, can you see in the picture what the 'problem' is? Don't cheat, but look closely! Good luck

1 comment:

honeykbee said...

Omg! *I* love lamp!! We have so much in common!!!

Sirixium. Whoa. I'm totally going to use that.

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