Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Worst Blog Mix-up

Yes, it was me that messed up and wrote BeeLog in for the Worst Blog of the Week.

Here I went and tried to do something nice by voting her for Best Blog but per usual, I fucked that up.

Anyway, here is my apology. Sorry. At least you have friends that came to your rescue =)

Thanks to Brunch Bird and ThongSpeed and Speakeasy and anyone else I forgot to mention.


honeykbee said...

Aww, it's ok baby. I appreciate the sweet intention =) and thanks to those who voted for my removal! (from the worst list, that is)

KassyK said...

That Best DC site scares me.

Brunch Bird said...

So was sleeping on the couch comfy last night?

In retrospect I'm only 85% certain that you guys are married. I think you are. If you're not, then that comment really doesn't apply I suppose...

mandy said...

whoops. honest mistakes.. that site is just confusing.

Glad it was an error though ;)

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