Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I guess you didn't miss a thing, huh?

Based on the lack of posts I've seen on DCBlog sites as well as the few others I go to on a daily/weekly basis, it would appear that no one missed Sunset on the Studio 60, as the sun set on the show and wasn't on last night.

Well, I missed it. I liked the Heroes to Sunset line-up they had going. Then again, maybe I'm alone in enjoying watching Chandler, the West Coast edition ;)

Too bad it's gone forever now. I'll miss you.


honeykbee said...

Never say forever. Nothing is forever.

And Don't pretend you didn't like watching Will Ferrel strip to his tighty whities and run around the racetrack. Is this happening?

Pagan Marbury said...

I absolutely LOVED Studio 60. Maybe NBC will follow the new trend of showing unaired eisodes online.

DaGince said...

Not to worry, it will be on the shelves of Best Buy by weeks end...they have everything

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