Monday, February 26, 2007

As Triathlon Season Approaches

Off to the gym and hopefully a really good one. My system needs a good reset from the weekend.

My serious training, game-face has gotta kick in soon, right?

This as I read about the percent of calories that comes from fat in a serving of Product X. (I'm studying for my last test for a Long time = Health Praxis exam this Saturday)

Meanwhile, the diagrams to the left and then the right show how you Do have time to work out, even if you're stuck at work.

No more excuses slackers!


Brunch Bird said...

Oye, I hear you. A year ago I was running a half marathon. Now I'm running 1.5 miles a day and sucking tailpipe. Time to shake off last year's burnout. Good luck!

Haveyouseenlucky said...

Who the hell gets to work with chairs with arms? (Excuse still intact!)

Marci said...

Triathlon? Oh I am so insanely jealous I can barely stand it. That is freaking awesome.

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