Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blatent Advertising - UPDATED -

**Update - Ok. two things: 1. I've been trying to put some labels on my pictures as I realized that having just the photos up is kinda useless without some context. The story is only half told, ya know?

But 2. more importantly, my next post is #500. Now, I can't decide to change the format of before or after the 500th. I'm thinking that number 500 will be my 'goodbye' to the old me on this blog.

The rambling and ranting over random things. I know that I'm going to be switching templates and with that will come a change to the format of my writing. LOTS more personal. Feelings and all that shit.

I've found that others like that kinda crap, but more over...this is my blog and it's what I need to do for me. An outlet. It's either that or I just get a hidden blog and post like a diary to no one. I'd rather get some feedback when I switch formats/templates. Ok, it's settled.

Number 500 is next and that will be it with the 'WVU' template and the Rantings of a Madman with a Keyboard.

Back to you're regularly scheduled programing below....Enjoy these last couple.

-----END OF UPDATE------

I haven't done a great job of keeping up with my photo gallery, so as one of my 2007 promises (F resolutions), I've gotta do a better job of keeping it up to date with my goings on via picture stylings.

With that being said, take a gander over Here

and you'll see my first posted picture of the 2007 with the promise of a new one weekly. Yea, I think I can keep up that minimum

**Continue the Voting** Still haven't seen some of my favorite DC Bloggers in the mix, NY hasn't represented except my WVU hook-up (but where's his lady/birthday girl?)

Let's see some love people!

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Ashburnite said...

haha..."feelings and shit." Well, do whatever you need to- it's your blog afterall. And seriously? 500 posts? wow. impressive.

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