Wednesday, January 10, 2007

And the winner is.............

Well, lemme say this: Lots of people have voted for the 'Death Cab with the Cutie inside' name that Kbee through out there, but I'd like to have a few more days of input before laying down a final name on this baby.

Lets see some of those "wood-workers" come out and play for a minute shall we?

I know you're out there and have the slightiest bit of imagination or else we wouldn't know each other.

So get in here and gimme your thoughts. Don't be a sour puss and just sit back and watch. Sister, I see you. McCurty get yer WVU spirit in the mutha. Maybe June-bug will rear her head in the race?
Well, I won't push my luck but I'd love to see J-mopper and DemBums give a shit.

Results will come at the weeks end so.......



honeykbee said...

Angela Jones?

McCurdy said...

Call it...The Tits, The Berries & The Cherries

Deatoni said...

Awesome-o 4000
Silver Surfer
Mary Jane
Barracus (as in B.A)
Lady J
Anus (think of the possibilities! You can say, "Hey could you shutdown the Anus please?")

Lori said...


The View From Dupont said...

All of my computers have always been boys, so odd.... Though, the name Stella rings out to me here, I'm not sure why.

So maybe, Stella?

Thanks for the work-out suggestions... I'm tempted to try it, though I know that last week I went overboard at the gym and it made everything worse. Any suggestions on what one should do while at the gym that won't kill them? (Yes, I'm hopeless, I know).

Needtsza said...

To Dupont:
Ya just have to listen to your body. when you feel great and am like "wow, i could go on." quit

quit while you're ahead, they say ....for a reason.

start out with some aerobic exercise. basically stick to that. i mean, you could do a minor bit of weights, but you basically wanna kick in the endorphins without breaking down too much muscle tissue (anaerobic work/weights).

dwb said...

dick in a box?

honeykbee said...

Dwb, was that a workout recommendation or a name suggestion?

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