Monday, January 22, 2007

I wish I had a vagina

This might be one of the only times you will ever hear/read me say that. I love my boy ability to pee wherever I want,.....but it doesn't help me in my current situation.

The situation revolves around my being back on the chopping block as far as being a long-term substitute teacher. Today marks the end of my post at the HS where I had a cushy job as a health teacher. Kids loved me, teachers got along really well. Now, Not!

If I was a chick, I coulda kept that position for a while longer and if not, there is a long-term Girl's gym position open at a local middle school. Alas, my testosterone levels disallow me from locker room duty = no job for me.

So I get to stress out each and every day about my job changing. Yea, people stress out over job changes. It's even high on the Maslow chart of stressors. Well, fuck you very much CUC. Buncha cunt rags over there.

Speaking of, where have I been? Well sorry folks, I've been reading and writing for this English Lit class that CUC decided I needed, in addition to a religion course. Oh yea, I'll get into that but not now as I gotta get back to reading/writing: papers all due this Friday.

Btw, sorry kids but I lied. This is not post 500. I took out a ton of 'drafts' and have compiled in another post. (to go out at a later time)

K. Good to post again. Back to work.


Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Sorry dude...

Have a beer

mm said...

vaginas rule. one you get one, your life becomes ten times easier.

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