Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekend in Review

Saturday was pretty good as I got to sleep sleep sleep....then take a nap later in the day ;)

Many movies were watched:
- Saw Borat, Didn't See Meteor Shower. A fan of Borat was born tonight. Even

- Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang has a well-written script for old school McDreamy,Robert Downey to play off of. The actress, a prettier + happier Meredith Grey-type . The whitty repartatee....

Yes, we watched a lot of bullshit.
Yes, I'm tired of the 'screens'
Yes, I said we'd go to the Smithsonian but too wah to wah.

Watched J.Campbell with my father, out to dinner with sis + mom, drove sis out to Dulles.
Btw, totally knew Campbell would do well. Didn't know THIS well! Congrats rockstar. Good luck from here, now that the NFL has tape of you.

Back home again =)

Watched Dexter, who I couldn't relate to more. You know, without the whole killing and blood thing. The way the character's mind runs dialogue of ponder and self-doubt and judgement and things. Now he's even in therapy and uses craigslist, but that's all beside the point.

His dissecting lifestyle. His personality isn't so 'far out there' but that's what's so great about tv characters we connect with/ they show our reflection. The Bizzaro Needtsza, if you will.

Wow. Even the sex scene is a work of art. Yea yea, sex.
The vivid colors, textures, and blends. The contrasts. But the bullshit drama can go.

Btw, my guess is that the therapist is the icetruck killer.

I was wrong.

Good night.

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honeykbee said...

My, my, David Fischer sure does have a dark side, doesn't he?

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