Monday, November 20, 2006

2 days to Tinseltown

The day was kind enough to begin with a note in my box at work, stating I'll be getting paid for the two days off that Thanksgiving brings. WHOO!!!!!
This is gonna be a good day.
I mean, all I have to do is show up and pop in a movie and wah-la, the day is over. 3 days and I'm off on a plane to Lobster town but NNNnnoooooo, Life couldn't be That simple.

Some kid had to be a dumbass and actually hit me.

That's right sportsfans, out in the middle of nowhere Montgomery County, a high school girl thought it was a good idea to actually use her fist against me.

Nothing too serious, as she only hit my thigh, but what kinda student decides to hit a teacher? One that is looking for trouble, as I could have legally stomped her out. Lucky for her, I'm not a nut-case.

So I took the referral letter (a report of what happened) to the proper authority and she was put on a 5-day suspension.

Good = She won't be in class to bother me and maybe the rest of the class learns to not fuck with me.
Bad = She's prolly psyched as she gets 10 days without having to go to school. Lucky bitch

Well who cares. 2 more days til 4 days off!

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honeykbee said...

Won't you take me to, lobstertown?

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