Friday, November 17, 2006


WVU @ PITT - EPSN, when? Finished about 10 minutes ago

So far, Pitt drove down and picked apart my WV defense, but we're about to see Slaton/White carve them like a meaty steak.

This is the Backyard Brawl Baby!

LET'S GO................MOUNTAINEERS!~!

Steve Slaton, Running Back
Rushing, 214 yards 2 tds
Receiving, 130 yards 2 tds
- Thank you again UMD

Pat White, Quarterback
Passing, 196 yards 2 tds
Rushing, 220 yards 2 tds
- Yes, he can throw too

RESULT: We Crushed!!! and with all kinds of crazy help, we could be in the BCS title game.


+ btw, since WVU won, the Skins are doomed.

***and thank you to Kass for taking my shot for me. In celebration, I'll have a musical game Monday


Anonymous said...

I gotta tell you that I'm kinda disappointed. I clicked on over here from dcblogs live feed and I really wanted to talk about which celebrity is hotter and exactly which size is the acceptable cut off for a bangable broad. When do we get to talk about the really important stuff like that?

Miss Scarlet said...

BRAD Pitt?


KassyK said...


Bill-DC said...

Still shaking my head at how Slaton got away from Maryland. Dude's great. BTW, WVU please throttle Rutgers good next week. Thanks!

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