Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nekked Thursday + more!

A picture of me, working on my art skills.

- This guy has a Fark-ish type contest that I found to be of amusement

- It's what's for dinner: What's better than Meat and Meat?

- It's what I'd LIKE for dinner but also know I'll not be making tonight.

- Game I'd addicted to at the moment: Motherload (and no, it's not even sexual, but yes it is stupid)

- And a fun little video from our friend, Deatoni - R rated!!

Ok. Off to do more homework.


Velvet said...

Hi. My Name is Needtsza and I'm blog template changing a-holic.

HA! That took me like 11 minutes to think of that.

Anonymous said...

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Joel said...

Wonkette's got a thing for you, dude! sweet!!

Deatoni said...

Dude you suck, that motherload game distracted me for hours.

SEXY TIME! Im going to be shitting my lungs from laughing so hard when that Borat movie comes out.

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