Thursday, October 05, 2006

Has TV always been this mundane?

From 'Lost' to 'the Nine' to 'Grey's (which I know I'm about to catch shit about)....all of it seems so ... similar. Not that I've been through some of the same things.
I mean, I've never been on trapped on an island with nothing but berries, while "the other" obviously have the internet.

I've never been stuck in a hostage situation for 52 hours (which the opening episode last night introduced us to the characters but certainly not a plot line, as they moved from the the after with no middle. Not my cup of tea...not gonna make my Wednesday night line-up...Bring on the Netflix...or a social life)

I've never been caught in a double romance situation with a doctor blah get the idea.

Oh, and as for Friday Night Lights; way to put Varsity Blues and Friday Night Lights into a tv-show. I mean, I know the name was gonna make it similar to the movie, but jesus!

So back on track, I could give a shit about Jack or even Kate (who is losing her sex appeal....the blonde has my attention: baby and all). I don't give a crap about any hostages. Live, Die, whatever! The makers didn't have me associate with any of them on a human level. Very superficial (we'll be coming back to that word soon enough). And as for Grey.....I won't even start on the bullshit of that non-sense.

I guess it's all "entertainment" and so for what it is, it does it's job. It distracts people from their own lives, but it also sucks the life outta you when you know what's gonna happen before it happens. Call me wise, smart, or just watch too much F'n tv, but it's becoming extremely boring to me. Then again, without live poker games for me to muck cards into, life is becoming pretty boring.

Hopefully that'll stop this coming Monday when I begin my 6-8 week (minimum) long-term substitute teaching position at a High School that's a 10-min commute! Downside, I have to be there at like 6:50am and move my personal training clients to the evening.

Tired won't even begin to describe it.

Anyway, I'm off to NY this weekend for K's mom's bd party, but I'll try to have my latest 'rant' post up before then. Look for lots of pictures to come in the next few weeks as I unload my dying computer of it's visual contents.

Ok, off to Dennis (that's code for Therapy)


Golden Silence said...

TV has lost all imagination. I'm tired of seeing homogenized casts (read: White) and characters on TV. And the storylines are always the same! Set in a hospital...the "lead" (why she's the lead, I'll never know) falls for her supervisor...set on an island, they fall for each other...yayaya, blah-blah.

I'd rather classics like "Star Trek"...or shows that portrayed diverse Blacks like "Cosby" or "A Different World."

Golden Silence said...

No spellcheck or grammarcheck! "I'd rather watch..." I mean.

Dara said...

Wow, your tv list is so different than mine! (I'm hoping it's not a gender thing.) I'm trying to like Heroes, but so far, it's just not doing it for me -- it's like a bad X-Men movie.

I'd argue right now that the best (and most underrated) show on TV is Veronica Mars.

Joel said...

it's utterly strange how we humans consider it normal behavior to sit inert in front of a flickering box for hours a day. not that i don't engage in the same shit, just pointing it out...

Miss Scarlet said...

I disagree. Most people wouldn't think it 'bad' to watch a film, so why is it so different to watch a good TV show? And yes, I think Grey's Anatomy and Gilmore Girls and Alias (before it stopped, bust) are good TV shows. I think what's been sucking lately are the comedies. OH MY GAWD, they suck so hard. I miss Friends.

And by the way, I loathe the Cosby Show.

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