Sunday, October 08, 2006

"Don't Hold Back"........(Update: I start new job in 45 minutes)

Is anyone sick of this Budweiser theme song as much as I am? (the video in the link isn't what I'm talking about. THIS is what I'm talking about)

I've missed much of Sunday football and still, I can't get away from this catchy tune.
SERENITY NOW!!! It drives me nuts.

eh. I have so many other rants, as CUC is still fucking me over (the college where I should be a graduate of), my old best friend's decision to drop our friendship after 15 years, my lack of money and therefore social life (which might be rectified, given I have a 6-8 week teaching job starting in the morning. WOO!!).....and other shit.

But tonight, I'm tired from the 'quick' weekend jount up to NY. Twas not quite the quick trip up as we were delayed from leaving by K not leaving me keys to her car. So we begin about an hour late. Now add the rain and DC drivers. That brings us to the 7 hour drive on Friday into Brooklyn.

Well, it was well worth it as K's mom's birthday party went off really well and she had a great time. Nothing worth reporting, but it was fun and the birthday cake was rediculously good a-mass the huge amount of food for 40 people. Oh, the shrimp too! MMmmMMMMmm.

Some goodies in this video below should entertain you.

The drive back brought no excitement except for missing the Skins game. Just as well, huh? Least I saw Philly whip some ass, but I'm sure tons of other blogs will talk all about football, so I'll leave that to them.

Anyway, Please wish me luck as I start my new position teaching health in about 8 hours.

Night all and remember.....Don't hold back!!

**Update: Off to my new job in 5 minutes**


Miss Scarlet said...


Deatoni said...

The Finger is on da buh-en.

Good luck tomorrow. Break some spirit.

NoodleP said...

Props on the new gig! i am very excitedfor you!! Much luck!

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

How did the new gig go?

Junie said...

Hey Monkey Boy, I think you forgot to write about that 30 min you spent trying to write a birthday card to K's mom... recall... help request to 5 birthday card greeting experts + 30 min pondering + Bad English (to be corrected by birthday mom). You have such poor memory. We should ask Rommel to send you the 5 min video.

honeykbee said...

*sigh* Wednesday nights just aren't the same. Wish you two could somehow get beyond this.

Anyway, congrats on the new gig, bb2! I'm sure you'll kickass at it.

Anonymous said...

That Facts of Life clip is one of the funniest things I've seen a while! I won't tell you how many times I've already watched or listened to it. "Bonggggg Bonggggg Bongggg.....We're a 3-bong family!" always have to store your jelly beans somewhere, right?
Oh yeah...hope your job doesn't suck.

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