Monday, October 09, 2006

Day One = Let the Teaching begin

Too tired to get into it, but it was great!.....til I lost my car keys for two hours.

Off to veg out

Might have to get another blog/name so I can write at school. Too risky here...or I'll have to limit my topics


**Is it Ironic that this is my 420 (th) posting? **


Miss Scarlet said...

So many things happen during the day that I wish I could talk about, but it's too risky.

And that's why I changed my name a little. I, at least, made it so it doesn't say I'm from VA;)

honeykbee said...

Did you check your bag? Maybe they're in your bag.

KassyK said...

I cannot wait to hear more...Have a good veggie night kiddo. I am really careful about work blogging too so I hear you...

Junie said...

Did you walk the way home, Mr Gym?

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