Thursday, October 12, 2006

CODE BLUE - Thanks Pres Bush

Of course nothing dull happened the first two days of work, why would day 3 be different. Pft!

Now, I can't say what school where I was working (as I don't want all my fans rolling in on the daily....Not to mention, I'd like to actually keep my job) but I was in one of the lucky 13 schools that were alerted to go on a Code Blue. Ya gotta love that this crap comes on the same day President Bush is attending a School Safety Conference.

This was my first experience with the Code Blue/Code Red school management system that Montgomery County Public Schools have put into place, but everything ran smooth which was a blessing as it's been quite the week.....And it's only Wednesday (maybe Thursday when anyone reads this). Still, the heightened alert had the kids a bit worried. Me, not a problem. Code Blue, Code Red, Code whatever. Teach, not teach. Just pay me. (I love instructing the kids and making their minds work, so I'm just kidding)

Of course, it wasn't until about an hour ago that I was told the real story, as MCPS had police all over the school with reporters across the street. Stalking teachers or students for reactions. I decided that as this was my first week, it would probably be better if I just kept my mouth shut, so when it was time, I just got in the car and drove home....Unlike Monday AND Tuesday.

What an ordeal it's been with the car situation in my household. I won't even get into K's car problems as I wanna tell y'all about my sitch.

Monday: I lost the keys to my car for 2 hours. I even gave up and called for reinforcements. Luckily, she was off work and came-a-runnin'. Luckier even still was that she had me dump my bag, rather than just shuffle through it a billion and 1 times like I did at school, as my keys had fallen in with the rest of my teaching materials. Ugh....Day one.....And it had gone so well too. (more about the teaching another day)

Tuesday: After another successful day of being the ultimate role model, and putting up with covering another teacher's class (I was wearing an orange shirt and this kid called me a fruit. But the last laugh was on him, as we finished a video on Marijuana and he lost to this girl 9 times to 2 in tic-tac-toe. A poster child was born for anti-marijuana),
I come outside to see a yellow 'park here again and we're gonna tow y'er ass' sticker on my window.
Once again, luck shined on me as it was sunny and warm, so the sticker peeled right off. But it did mean I had to go back inside and wait to get a staff permit. At least I can park anywhere now =)!! *not the actual permit was pictured*

Day three: Code Blue. Well, I kinda already told ya about that.

Now that it's 12:16am and I finally ate dinner at 11:35pm, I can go shower and get to bed.

Yay! Up at 545 YAY!
At least I know I've done a good job today!

Tell me again why the administration thinks they pay teachers enough?!

And now know that they're wrong! ;)

Til tommorrow...

**Update: Could I BE any more tired and sore? My neck feels like I had the accident yesterday (it's coming up on my one year anniversary actually). Love you Grandma**


Miss Scarlet said...

My goal is to work in one of the higher-paying counties:)

Concerned Parent said...

I can't beleive the county would hire a pot head looser like yourself to work with children. I'm going to report you and this blog to Police Cheif Charles Moose.

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