Friday, October 13, 2006

Luckiest Day of the Year ---Jinxed =(

Welcome to the luckiest day of the year for me!!!!

Friday the 13th is always the best. Making it in October will be doubley so!

And what will you be for Halloween?

*more to come later, but it's late as shit for a teacher. woo!!
Just wanted to get a post in for y'all

Happy Friday the 13th!


I royally screwed myself by posting this at the beginning of the day. This has been the most difficult yet, of the week, of the month.

Basically on no sleep (4 hours is a nap, not sleep), no real down time (watched McDiculous and CSI), and yay lesson when I walked in.
Yea, so me and the other two health educators set up a plan of action yesterday, for the next few weeks by going over the calender of what we were going to teach, have guest speakers, show Super Size Me, etc. This morning was to be the beginning of Nutrition and I was to show a video and collect worksheets when it was over. This, in addition to collecting the projects they've worked on all week woulda definately taken up the entire period and all would have run smoothly. Twas not the case.

I walk in this morning to nothing. No video. No worksheets. No notes. No plans. "Shit!"

Well, long story short (as I already lived it once and trust me, you don't wanna live through it/hear details on it), I was able to snag some time in the media center, which was lucky for the students since most of them hadn't finished their project. FYI: The project was a phamplet to directed at 8th graders on why/how/etc they shouldn't use drugs.

At any rate, I suffered through til 4th period (we're now at 10am-ish? My lord, most people are just getting to work) and set up a Jane Fonda video for the fitness class. Guess they had a rough one too, as at least half the class sat/slept on the floor, while I chilled by the door and watched.

Highlights of the video:
- Jane comes out and introduces the video but doesn't actually workout.
- She has hair like it's still the 80s (this is a recent video)
- There is a guy that had all the excitement of a ham-sandwich (which got a couple chuckles as I said this allowed)
- Somebody in the background, throughout the whole tape is screaching "Woo" and "Let's get it" louder than the damn instructors!
- Of course, the outfits but let's not even go there as we all know the pastel one-piece.

We all made it through to my sitting quiet in a department staff meeting at lunch. I said nothing as I know nothing. A real good feeling.

6th comes and goes, as we're not in the media center and I am just waiting for the bell. No, we just sat there and a few people went to the media center to print, but I didn't teach and they didn't learn.

Survival. I'm home. Cold as shit, but at least the laundry is almost done and the dishes are basically clean.

Onto a busy weekend that includes a haunted house tonight (if I don't pass out), Ref'ing (if I don't get sick tonight....and the pesky germs of a high school), and onto another party tommorrow night.

At least Sunday, I can hopefully sleep in and wake to watch my fantasy football teams (not to mention the real ones) lose. That is, if I don't slip into a coma.

*btw, the teacher I'm covering for had her baby today. A beautiful 7lb,15 oz. girly =) Congrats*

Off to nap...again.
One of these days, I'll get some real sleep.


KassyK said...

Happy Friday the 13th to you as well sugar. Although those skeletons are fucking freaking me OUT.

honeykbee said...

Come onnnnnn Sunday!!

Your Mother said...

Brian you lazy bitch. You suck as much as your Redskins. If you were my teacher and I went to public school I would ask for money back from the governemnt. Do they let let teachers wear sleaveless shirts in MD?

honeykbee said...

TODD, tell that mean ocean!

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