Saturday, June 10, 2006

TOM PETTY DAY !! - Part One of Two

8th Row!!
I'm sorry, there's no row A.
7th ROW!!!

Spitting distance to Tom?

I can't speak on it yet, since I've never been so close in a large venue like Nissan, but I bet it's gonna be awesome!

And I won't gamble my happiness on this concert for the likes of a certain someone that's trying to fuck it up with $25.00 sandwiches and shit!

Yea, Not kidding. This kid goes out and spends $100 bucks in the grocery store, a place he hasn't been in like 10 years, and is gonna be pissed when I tell him that I don't want even one of his things to eat. I mean, you kidding? Six sandwiches a person?

Ok ok ok. Fuck bitching. PETTY DAY!!

Well, off to get decked out in my best flip-flops and 'ass hat'.

Note to self, don't forget extra clothes for when the above jackass throws up on you, you can be comfortable on the ride home.

Wish us luck as the adventure of driving through Virginia, America's deathtrap
to the Promised Land (H 9 & 10)

And because most people missed the original blog, I have reposted last Saturday for all to enjoy: LAST SATURDAY'S ENTRY, re-vamped <-----David, Look here


some pics to be on the ART BLOG

1 comment:

honeykbee said...

Funny, I don't feel 5539 miles away from you.

OMG OMG ROW H!!!??? It's all happening!!!

*dance dance dance*

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