Monday, June 05, 2006

Saturday Photo Montage....MONTAGE!!!

Where was I Saturday morning? Yup, that's SSB Football in the background.
Then it was off to grab Dave and June, but not without first passing Segway tourists.

While waiting for the coffee starved crew, thought I'd try out my artist ability in the circle.
Later at the bar....
Yea. They're sober......
....and I'm spent!

A really fun weekend was had by all (I think)

And an honorable mention for Sunday Night,
Jake is once again King of the Castle!

As Boomie took a ride back to NY.

Have a great Monday and if I can offer some advice; Protect your toothbrush ;)


NoodleP said...

We SOO were not sober!!!

dwb said...

i'm never brushing my teeth again...

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