Saturday, June 10, 2006

CARS - The Movie, The Review, SPOILER

First warning: This review might go a bit more indepth than you originally wanted, but I'm gonna just let the words flow as they may and try to give you my take on this fine film.

Second warning: I've been know to curse, so the review may not for children under 14 (Nik)

Any film starring Paul Newman will be worth your $6.50 any day. Most would even warrant the non-matinee price K, mom and I weren't forced to pay.

The picture does the movie an injustice, while I think this is a great shot of Newman "Turning right to go Left" is great, the detailing of each shot is incredible. Hand-drawn, digitally-enhanced, computer generated, paint-by-numbers. I don't care how they did it, the visuals are amazing!!

The dialogue isn't shabby either. I mean, it's not Shakespeare but it's cute. Now that Pixar has been taken over by the Disney empire, you know it has some adult themed humor in it.
No I didn't see any naked people in the clouds, but some jokes that if you're quick, you'll laugh pretty hard at while your kid is laughing at the bright colors.

Overall, I loved the movie and will go see it again. Even for full-price.

This review was written quickly and when I'm exhausted so yea, I know it's not that articulate, but be happy that it doesn't give away that much about it. You're gonna LOVE IT!

Rating: 2 headlights up!

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honeykbee said...

Excellent review!

Additionally: I laughed out loud twice. Loudly. By myself. *crickets*


Very much enjoyed the flick, would recommend, though it did drag for a spell, about 30 min in. It had a few witty moments, it had a moral, and it even had a really heart-string-pulling sad part. Who knew?

If for no other reason-- see it to experience the visuals. Totally visually amazing. On many occasions, it's so good that you forget you're watching animation. The way the neon reflects off the cars; outstanding.

And keep an eye out for those Pixar easter eggs, they're everywhere!


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