Monday, March 20, 2006

Woke up this morning.....

SOPRANOS Tonight's Recap
If the rest of the season of The Sopranos is gonna be like tonight's episode, I should cancel HBO right now.
Dream sequences have never been my thing, and that's all we got from the Million-Dollar an Episode Man<--spoiler site/non-video preview of upcoming episodes-- As I've stated, there are tons of sites to read and chat about the Sopranos and I'm willing to leave it to them. How about that for focus, scottie? So onto today's ramblings:

While this stupid tv market isn't equiping us with the correct games, it hasn't hurt my boys one bit!

Bring it Duke, you bitches! We're ready to Pittsnoggle your ass back to Devil-land.

Fuck it. I'm tired. It's late. and I'll be much funnier tommorrow.
Nite kidz

Oh yea, I finally got Dim Sum this morning. Excellent place, but you have to ask to find out where.

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