Saturday, March 18, 2006

Never knew the Hulk was Jewish

to all

and to all, a good night


Scott said...

You bit the green bagel!

(at least you didn't glaze the green donut...)

KassyK said...

St. Pattys day...damn. I actually did get some free drinks strictly due to the fact I am fair skinned and have red hair. Wearing it in braids just added to the bizarre Irish hoopla! DC loves Blazers and popped scary.

Hope you had a great weekend and excorcized your demons before eating said green bagel and hulking out....

DaGince said...

Nothing could have prepared me for that image..I honestly am at a loss for words.

honeykbee said...

That's one hulk-sized bite you took there, m'love. You realize those are supposed to be eaten in less than three bites, yes?


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