Monday, March 20, 2006

Man vs. Machine

So I've been exercising for the better part of 3 months now and I've seen some results...but we'll get back to that.

My first morning question
(regarding training) is this( and remember I'm a Professional Personal Trainer), is exercise or diet more important?
Why do I ask? Well, I have clients that have struggled through weight loss program after weight loss program and for the most part, it's been dietary changes. Yes, He and I have made changes to his exercise routine and while I can't be there every moment of the day, I think he trains pretty hard when I'm not there.
His diet on the other hand has something to left to be desired.
Now I'm not saying his sitting around and eating Ding Dongs
(Ring Dings for the foo foo crowd), but in order to truly get something outta the program, ya gotta be reasonable. And I'm not a Registered Dietian, but I know shit when I see people eating it:
He added oatmeal to his regime, as his breakfast over a Kashi bar plus 1
(points are good)
His snack of choice is some sorta salted non-sense crackers minus 1

It's more that his choices involve eating the wrong things at the wrong times.

He likes to reward himself for a job well done (of making through the day) by eating his largest meal at night; a normal american tradition. That's a big minus, as his lunch could be a bit larger and he could bring more healthy snacks with him: Carrot sticks (they'll live without refrigeration for a few hours), Celery sticks (same deal), Snowpeas (a Brian favorite), etc. I mean, he just doesn't seem to listen when it comes to shit like that. In one ear and out the other.
I guess it's fine, but truly it annoys the shit outta me when he then comes back and states how he's gained
3 pounds. Constantly assuring me that he'll get back on track, but that's bullshit. No more "I'll get back on track tommorrow", do it right now!

Fuck it, I've had to struggle to get onto that stupid f'n eliptical machine. Sure I'm a PT and sure I'm an athlete rehabin' back from injury (yes my neck stick fucking kills me on the daily, the knee is now a secondary thought), that doesn't mean I jump for joy to eat 'clean' food but I do think I need to start being a bit more choosy with my choices. This chocolate cake, cinnamon poptart, Wendy's binge has to end.

We order chinese and I feel guilty that some place healthier doesn't deliver, cause truth be told, we're some lazy shits on the regular, but Sunday nights is the time we say F it to our normal laz (yes, that Needtsz to be a word) and order Chinese on the regular.

I loved it when we actually ate correct dinners: Proteins, starches, veggies.....If only I would cook (my bear is the head chef of the house and don't think I'm complaining that she doesn't cook enough), but alas I am but a lazy shit. I even forgot to make her a sandwich for today.

Oh yea, she has a work pot-luck thing. hu hu....he said pot

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out a way to help this poor bastard as he lost weight when he changed his diet, but he keeps falling off the wagon, and I can't just tell him that even if he exercsied more and more, he would see only the minor changes if he keeps his diet in a wacky state.

Anybody have any suggestions on how to explain the importance of sticking to a balanced intake of food throughout the day, and to make those foods balanced so he's getting enough of what he needs? They don't really make 'Nutritional Motivation' seminars for personal trainers.

In other news, I have go finish writing up my diet shit from the last 4 days so I can tell my Anatomy teacher how it is, exactly, I got this bod-o-mine.

Later kidz

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