Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pish Posh UNO



People ask me about curling these days. Well, not really as I don't really talk to people but it sounds like a better opening to story, don't it?

USA Curling has been quite entertaining on the USA Network. USA on USA. Funny how these things kinda, work themselves out.

Favorite Online Conversation of the Day: 02/23/06
Me (12:22:58 AM): sup kid
S (12:23:07 AM): sup
Me (12:24:06 AM): would you still be my friend if i became a mass murderer?
Me (12:24:12 AM): and i murdered only during mass?
Me (12:24:13 AM): ;-)
S (12:24:28 AM): hmm
S (12:24:29 AM): yes
S (12:24:33 AM): i wish to be famous
Me (12:24:46 AM): ok. stay in touch

Video #1 = The Original Video #2 = Family Guy


So I have a Fun Activity. K can fucking do it, but she's slackin' so if anybody actually reads this shit, please contribute.

OK, the fun activity is to come up with and post, funny ways to say goodbye, sign-off, etc.

Thanks to our first contestant below

The "noodle" wrote:

ok I have gotta get out of dodge.
blow this popsicle stand
make like a catholic and pull out
make like a baby and head out
be off like a prom dress

Now you try =)
Please post so we can all enjoy in your creative fun. Who couldn't use a smile today?


Needtsza said...

btw, I only WISH I was in this good a mood.

honeykbee said...

peas out

hasta la lasta

goodbye and thanks for all the fish

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