Saturday, February 25, 2006

Around the World in 60 Days - lots of blanks to fill in. check back

The Time is now to Plan to Plan to Plan to Plan

Obviously I haven't lost the bug over travelling. Seems that before I Truly decide to move (bears-in-tow) to Europe :Amsterheaven:,
it would only stand to reason that I should see it more than once.
I don't really have a timeline on the idea, but I know that it'll take more than a weekend.
With that in mind, I basically only have 1/3rd of the weekend to devote to things of this nature. Sad isn't it? That such bullshit, known as 90% of the things that occur in and around my life, could hold me from the true things. I'm told this is the way it works. I think that's horseshit, but what do I know?

So one of the places my lady has seemingly put to the top of her 'to do' list in the travel realm, so I'm trying to figure in a few places into our .... 12 day trip?
When is this magical trip, you ask? (K is like "What the Fuck?") Well, working on that. Yea, toughest question delayed. Sucks! But such is the life I lead at the moment. A son. A student. A boyfriend. A personal trainer.

We have spoken of a few different places in the US.

We're going to the Poconos in 12 days. Syked doesn't even cover it! I get train for a sport specific goal. Finally, an event to train for. I guess that's what K means by needing something to look forward to.

Now before we go and get ahead of ourselves, lest us not forget our previous, but still nagging problems related to past injuries. My neck is fucking weak again, left knee, left ankle, right shoulder
Tonight, I didn't fall asleep to some movie at 9am like last night. A good night sleep so I could hang out with my friend Nat and others at her birthday party. The surpirse party went over well, and without anyone ;) spilling the beans. Happy Birthday, Natalie!!

So we watched Danny Deckchair and it was pretty f'n good
actually. Not as good as Crash which I was pleasantly surprised to find was an Amazing movie. K wanted to see it for a long time, but I didn't have a care one way or the other. And even though K didn't know what it was about, she was right to want to see this flick and I emplore to you to watch it. Both really.

and in Health News:

My positive thoughts on the topic of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate have hit a set back according to new studies done by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Doesn't mean I'm giving up on the idea as their must be a way to rebuild the connective tissue surrounding joints. Wise or not, I refuse to believe that my knee is going to hurt like this more and more, and that my shoulder mobility will remain limited (prolly not a connective but a scar tissue) and the muscles surrounding my neck and shoulder will stay sore and weak. Wahhhh....

Well, enough for now. Have to shit, shower and shave. Joel's party starts arond 9. Guess we'll prolly get there around 930ish is my guess. Being lazy has never felt so good ;)

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