Sunday, February 19, 2006


Gotta love still being up at 6:30 for no good reason
Watching a bunch of non-sense ("Wimbledon" for the fans at!)

Well, alot has gone on this evening. Lets take a look back, at some of the
- So it's 315am and I'm on joint #3 of the day. Surprising to most, I am of the rare
breed that accomplishes more when hes high.

Owen's girl in this movie is smokin', but only in the movie. Yes I rented a movie.
I've been so fucking bored here. Got a quarter-chicken dark, so the trip out had some true value to it even if you're not a fan of the movie.

I could sit here and quote, but you gotta find me live to have that kinda fun.

6:22am, still awake. BCH!?!

More into the my yesterday 02/18/06:

Reorganizing my room. (I need to get my space my condusive to doing school work. I haven't really focused this semester. Luckily you have to be as smart as an 'Adaptive' infant to get good grades.

And while I refuse to actually post the video for it, I've actually been listening to Nickelback :insert your BrokefuckingBack joke here: Photograph

and in sports news:

6 days/week

-Sore posterior cruciate ligament
-Sore achilles tendon
-Strained splenius capitus muscle

Fun Fitness Fact: The mystery muscle burning while working the Eliptical: Tensor Fasciae Latae.

CUC Bullshit for the Week, so far:
- Anatomy & Physology: Book Chapter 18, take notes
- Anatomy & Physology Lab: Mid-term on things we have learned
- Measurement of PE: Test
- Adaptive: Quiz 21+22, Read 23+24-maybe a quiz

- Portfolio: START

- Files notes

TIRED. Bedtime.

As usual

This is left unfinished.

Enough for now

so as they say

Let the Games Begin


Joel said...

where'd you go the other night? you just disappeared...and btw, you're SERIOUSLY listening to Photograph??? EWWWW!!!!!! hahhahhaha

honeykbee said...

i knee-knee-knee-kneed-you


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