Friday, February 17, 2006

As usual, I woke up to the buzzing of my stupid alarm clock (most do), even though I bought it because of the cd player that goes along with the large digital display. Aren't you glad you asked....and give a shit?!

Anyway, I jump in the car, forgetting my coffee and the Sirius kicks on. Late to my daily ritual, I catch a few minutes of a new comic, Lisa Lampanelli. I mean, she must be travelled as she was on channel 100, no small feat folks.


So K left today. Headed for NY with her friend Donna to see a show. Beautiful day for a drive actually. Somewhere in the 50's. Sunny.

I tried to take out on a nice date to this local Restaurant, but bullshit came between us doing that.
Nothing serious people, just

that it had been a helleva long day! (Oh, the raging angier surrounding the issues of that day!)

Alright, I'm watching Reefer Madness now and its gone from some of biggest non-sense, with no purpose movie to becoming beyond ridiculous. It so much rougher than I would have imagined.
The male lead is so obviously gay, the girl an absolute whore, the pervert sits in the corner smirking, etc.
Eh, wtf do I care? It's 3:09am. I have racquetball in 4 fours. I played for an hour last night. I lifted and played for 2 hours the day before. I have a slight pain in my :Insert Medical Information:

The anterior compartment
(the front of the shin) holds the tibilais anterior, the extensor digitorum longus, the extensor hallicus longus and the peroneus tertius muscles. These muscles dorsiflex the foot and toes (pull the foot and toes upward). The tibialis anterior also assists turning the foot inward. To feel these muscles contract, place your hand just to the outside of the tibia and pull the foot up.

The lateral compartment
is along the outside of the lower leg. It contains the peroneus longus and peroneus brevis muscles. These muscles pull the foot outward. They also aid in plantarflexion (pointing the foot). To feel these muscles contract, place your hand on the outside of your shin a
nd turn your foot out.

My baby left me today. Headed for NY, but we already went into that.

500 Yd Swim
10 Mi Bike
2.5 Mi Run
So I'm thinking about
doing it again. Haven't
really trained specifically

for it, but we've been
working out for a few
months and it's been

about 5 months since my

Well, given I can't register for the triathlon,
Here are the results of my first one:

Race Date:April 18, 2004
Place Name City, State Age Sx Cat. Bib# Finish
25.Bryan Furye           Rockville,MD      28  M   25      676  1:31:37

And the winner was:
Place  Name               City, State       Age Sx  Cat.   Bib#   Finish
1.Kevin Owens Rockville,MD 34 M 812 56:06

In CUC News:
The stupid fucks known as the students at my school are so f'n retarded that I no longer have a reason to speak to anyone but my teachers.
It's prolly the right thing at this time, but still, you should hear any of these fucking monkeys. (and I don't mean that racially, btw)

In more upbeat news, I couldn't get Amsterdam outta my head this week. I think that's what I've been feeling the way I do this week: sorta sick and tired of this place. I wanna live the memories. I mean, why shouldn't I be able to? yada yada...job. yada yada...real life, etc.
Ok. So I take it alot more serious than that, but if I can get my shit together, we could be living the life for a few years, before I even almost wrote it.

Slowly but surely life is coming together. I piss and moan, but in reality, it's pretty fucking good!


Scott said...

Surprisingly, Christian Campbell (the male lead) is not gay...though he's played 3 gay rolls. He's also Neve Campbell's brother (notice the resemblance).

And that movie was created to basically make fun of the OLD Reefer Madness.

Joel said...

you should get one of those alarm clocks where you can plug in your iPod...

honeykbee said...


Needtsza said...

Amazing how different people directed their comments toward the things they focused on.
Joel- I'd never wake up. Music just don't Jolt me enough.
HKbb2- I've seen it many times before. Both of them, my love. I still haven't seen them WITH you. =*

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