Saturday, July 09, 2005

Commerical - wrote this a few weeks ago

The Brawny Commericals. No offense to anybody, but jesus christ is that ever Gay! The dude doing the work isn't a bad looking guy. I mean, straight or gay, he's quite the eye candy. The announcer has an excellent voice (must be an ugly mother fucker).
But the two of them mixed together for these commericals are just rediculous.
I mean, the announcer is describing the worker's actions as if we're watching the director's cut of a porno! He's wiping up some spilled juice for chirst sake, not curing cancer!
You dirty dirty man. I swear the announcer likes little boys. I'm willing to put money on it.
Hell, any proof of THAT and I'll pay. Just for the hell of it.
If you haven't seen it, then you're one lucky person.

-7:09pm Jun 29, 2005


honeykbee said...

definitely something pedophilic about that commercial. But it's no John Basedow...

Needtsza said...

Oh, but what is!?

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