Saturday, July 09, 2005

Along Comes "Along Comes Polly"

Made me think about this stupid fucking tabloid shit known as the "Brad and Jen" thing.
This coupled with something "Boo-Boo" said about a poll going through his office.
Below is some crap I thought about because it's late and I'm ripped.

Relationship potential:
Jennifer. The type of girl that you marry.
Brad. Thinks he's still the heart-throb he once was.
Angelina. Young Wild Good-hearted Hottie.

Jennifer. Long flowing wavy hair.
Brad. Bald blondie.
Angelina. Dark kinda high hair.

Jennifer: Dance sequences in "Along Came Polly"
Brad: Ripped in "Fight Club"
Angelina. Best in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

I mean, the whole thing is fucking stupid and tabloids need to kiss my ass, but then again, you want your entertainment to be the Wall Street Journal or Fox 5 News?!

1 comment:

honeykbee said...

Two trips to the supermarket and already you're spewing and ranting about tabloid crap? Jeeze.

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