Monday, October 29, 2007

One more! **Updated**

2 outs, 1-1 pitch.....
WE WIN!!! WE WIN!!!!

People may ignore it or not care because it's not the Yankees but F them! WE WIN!!!

Sorry if we don't take steroids like everyone else must have, for years and years.

WOO!!! Congrats Sox!! and Mike, I believed in ya since the start of the season. Way to pick up that MVP. See YOU next year!


Sean said...

Congratulations on the Red Sox victory! They were really impressive the last three games of the ALCS and throughout the World Series.

honeykbee said...


Twice every 90 years ain't too shabby!

Lori said...

so who won?? ;)

honeykbee said...

This needs updating!

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