Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Friend, My Friend....He has a Knife **Updated**

Phish sang about it. Dexter uses it. I wanna know what kind of knife it is.

For clarification, in the intro of said video it is at 1:03 that I am speaking of.

In the opening credits of the show Dexter, he slices a blood orange using a certain type of knife.Dexter I don't know what it is. I've crawled all over the internet but haven't had the time to search through knife catalogs looking for it.

Do you know what type it is? Can you solve this mystery for me?

I really, really want one!


Scott said...

please describe said knife

honeykbee said...

Get showtime!

honeykbee said...

Best I can do:

Deatoni said...

Um, i guess ill ignore your intense desire to cut things. Googling "serrated knife" didnt come up with anything? Anyway, i found this on amazon:

S'bout as close as i could find.

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