Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This Empire will set no Records

Yes, maybe there will be the random bit of fun from time to time....or maybe I'll come back with a raging vengeance but for the moment, this Feel Good Production has to be shut down after October due to a lack of posting.

Though many have never seen the full power of this operational battle-station, it looks as though it will be going the way of the original Death Star. Of course, the Empire did Strike Back and built a second one ;)

Til then, let's see if I can't come up with some fun stuff for the kids that have stuck around....you know, since I've been so diligent about updating this site through now =\


honeykbee said...

What does this mean? A sabbatical?

dara said...


carrie m said...

first the smoking now this?!? no one likes a quitter, beakerz.

and hey, remember you have a rockville movie friend should you need one.

Red said...

What you talkin bout Willis?

MAD MAC said...

Remember Rehab is for Quitters!!!

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