Thursday, September 13, 2007

Washington Post, Eat my shorts *Updated*

I read today's poll and almost punched the screen.

"Is it time to scale back on ceremonies that commemorate the Sept. 11 attacks?"

  • 54% Yes
  • 46% No Online Poll

To read the comments is just insulting. I'm insulted by the question flat out.

People that weren't affected, just shut the fuck up and turn off the tv or whatever else you wanna do. Act like it's another day where America is wonderful and nothing has happened.
I'm all for freedom of speech and freedom of differing opinions, but Some of us still remember

and in response to the first comment, I'll add this:
if 'they' were there, then 'they' should be celebrated. 'Their' lives were/are important. I flat out don't agree with stopping the rememberance of whomever was involved with the 9/11 attacks, directly or indirectly (victims, survivors, workers, heroes, etc).

It's like scaling back Martin Luther King day. Hey, he's been dead a while. The blacks have fully integrated into the white world. Lets move on.
- see how fucked up that sounds?

Or how about this: Lets just move on from the Holocaust. It's been like 50 years, many more than 6 and I think it's fine time that we tone down on remembering that tragedy. 'They' have a memorial and museums and kids learn about it in schools. What else do they want? Lets tone it down.
- no, that's not fucked up or anything


Anonymous said...

They're mostly liberals responding to the polls. They think we should have ceremonies for the "freedom fighters" that died at the WTC.

lizzie said...

i'm not about to start a blog comment war, but i'm a liberal and i was deeply offended by that question and the comments that were made. and i didn't even know anyone who died or was injured.

that was absolutely insensitive of the post/express to ask that question. at least they didn't ask it on 9/11.

people are already starting to forget 9/11 and that's the sad part. but hey, it's in our nature as americans to become complacent.

not sure if people realize this, but there's this war going on in iraq, the "war on terror", where many of our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters are dying. and this war was technically instigated by 9/11. or did we forget that already?

honeykbee said...

Extremely well said, bb2.

Personally, I think it's time to scale back on anything that commemorates the Washington Post.

Anonymous said...

And what exactly did you do in remembrance last April 19? December 7? August 22? If you have to look any of these up I have no use for your opinion.

Beakerz said...

you got me on Aug. 22nd. I looked it up and Still have no idea. I must be the idiot. Oh wait, you commented on My blog. and you're such a pussy, you did it Anonymously!

nice job douchebag. You showed me

Scott said...

I, as a liberal, feel that we should remember what happened. However, I feel that it's the conservatives that have really forgotten what happened.

These are the people that feel that 9/11 was the day that IRAQ started a war. And that we must invade them out of retaliation.

Has it even dawned on them that it wasn't Iraq? Or that they hit a symbol of our financial institution (WTC), and then we subsequently went deep in debt (from clinton's surplus, thank you very much) to fight the WRONG fucking country? Guess not.. nope.. it was that damned sadam and his minions that did it.

Oh, and it's not necessarily about's about moving on and not dwelling on the past (like the terrorist would want us to do). We can celebrate the tragic event that caused our nation to come together for a couple of weeks. Speaking of forgetting...remember those nasty Japs that bombed pearl harbor? You know, the same people that Bushy and his groupies hang out with and set up trade deals with? Oh wait.. no.. we nuked now we are even. Silly people.

Joel said...

People grieve in different ways.

Maybe the responders of the poll wish to reflect privately on it, instead of being bombarded with ratings-hungry commercial media circuses, which ultimately cheapen it for everyone.

Light a candle, have a private moment of silence, and then an intimate discussion with your loved ones.

Watching some TV special on 9/11 doesn't make the event any more meaningful. Nor does it make you, me, or anyone more patriotic.

But, perhaps it does. After all, it is Patriot Week down at DarCars Marlow Heights, where members of the military are given thanks with a $1K credit towards all new Ford SUVs.

I think what the responders are saying is that they're sick of CBS presents Hallmark's 9/11 Day Marathon, featuring a very special duet of Toby Keith and Faith Hill singing "Proud To Be an American", for which you can be sure that they're being paid millions for....

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