Thursday, September 13, 2007

Live from Maryland Stadium

It's the Jack and Rod show!!!

Ok, maybe not but still, keep an eye out for the boy in blue (the one in a sea of red) cheering his ass off like a drunken WVU frat jackass! That'll be me!

Btw, not an actual picture of me. Youtube to come tomorrow after we crush the Terps!

Happy watching (CBS, I believe. 730pm for sure)


Sean said...

Go Mountaineers! (Even though I'm from Pittsburgh and am a Pitt fan, I've liked WVU since the days of Major Harris.)

Anonymous said...

google pat white

honeykbee said...

That chick has a boyfriend? What is she, 11?!

lizzie said...

i'm lol-ing at honey's comment. congrats on your victory yesterday...not that i expected anything less from the mountaineers!

Pop Cultured said...

can i hire you for valet services tomorrow?...lmk

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