Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wow. What an accomplishment!!

I've never been so proud of one individual. I mean, to tie for the largest individual sporting record in history is something to be proud of. Seriously, that is a feat that few will ever meet, hence the record standing for so long.

Now, back to reality. Barry and the rest of those fucking cheaters, you think there shoulda been an * before, now I say there should be a nice big, red X by your f'n 'record'

I don't care if you knew or not. If it was by mistake or on purpose. Once it's known that you were using a performance enhancing substance during the time which this 'run on history' was being made, you should disqualify yourself and have a little dignity for the game itself.

Baseball is larger than you!

And I've spoken on Michael Vick so I won't go there....Pac Man Jones, Mr. WVU!! you little motherfucker. And I luckily, the public won't hear much from the ref who fixed games, as a little group of 'friends' will take care of that problem.

Tons of divorces by way of cheating, so the word Marriage doesn't mean much. Tons of cheating in sports by way of performance enhancing drugs (Thanks Tour de France, I don't even care who won), that these records have lost their meaning.

At least in poker, you're supposed to cheat, lie and steal. That's the premise of the game. I won't call myself an athlete for being a poker player, but at least I can say i've never cheated (outside of the rules of the game).

An AssHat Society. No Child Left Behind.....how about we leave all the bullshit behind, can we do that? Think it's possible? I fear for our future and that I'm not Even kidding about. (I must be getting old)


lizzie said...

dude, i seriously feel your pain (or anger/frustration). i think it's an f'n joke that bonds is going to be credited with achieving a record that he wouldn't have achieved had he not acquired an unfair advantage through steriod use. seriously, does anyone doubt that he used performance enhancing drugs?

this is a sad day for baseball actually.

Deatoni said...

On top of that, all the interviews, public media events, and shows ive seen him on..hes a complete d-bag whos totally full of himself. The one good thing out of this is that I have Bond's rookie card. Now if you
ll excuse me, my cha ching machine just went off.

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